it is hella hot in the city by the bay this week. today is going to be in the 90s. it is like living in a different city - everyone is rocking the sundresses and the short sleeves and the cute sandals. there is also color, as opposed to the usual black north face jacket w/ the google/genentech logo or something along those lines. we're all pale as hell, like crabs without shells. mmmm crabs.

i overheard a guy on his cell phone yesterday. he was like "dude what did you say? i can't concentrate....all the summer dresses came out!" guys in the bay area get like 2 days of this before we all go back to fleece and those dansko clogs that everyone seems to love.

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Kate said...

"like crabs without shells"

genius. that's exactly how i feel lately showing skin in the heat

rhan small ernst said...

i hate having to wear shorts and's a grown ass man.